How long are internships?

All internships are three weeks long. However, once you begin your internship, you can privately negotiate with the company to extend it, if you and they wish to do so.


Are internships paid?

No. In line with Dubai Minds' status us a non-profit service, all internships are unpaid. Similarly, companies aren't remunerated. And it goes without saying, Dubai Minds does not charge any application fees or commissions. 


Can I intern while I have school?

Definitely. While we try to make our internship seasons blend with typical student holidays (summer and winter break), we understand that some internships may fall into students' school weeks. In that case, it is up to the student and company to decide on an adjusted schedule that allows the student to focus on their schoolwork and internship commitments.


What are the age requirements for interns?

You must be at least 15 years old to intern at one of Dubai Minds' affiliated companies. You are eligible until you enter college or university, so depending on your school system, 18 or 19. In short, 15-19 should be the age range of applicants.


Do interns receive any certification at the end of their internship?

Yes. At the end of your internship, you receive a certificate with Dubai Minds' and your respective company's verification of your internship. This can be sent to schools, colleges, and future employers.


Can students apply for multiple internships?

No. Students may only apply for one internship opening per session. If you have questions please contact us,