Satvik Garg, Director and Co-Founder

Satvik is the leader of Dubai Minds.  He is passionate about youth development, and wants students to explore boundaries beyond their classroom. Working with Zohayr, he helped found Dubai Minds to provide a unique opportunity for students.

Satvik enjoys playing sports such football and basketball, and is also interested in philosophy, economics an mathematics. At Dubai Minds, Satvik is responsible for promotion and website. He also manages the Acquisition Team and helps obtain openings from companies.


Zohayr Khan, Co-Founder

Zohayr's with Dubai Minds was to succeed in cultivating the UAE's youth talent. He believes that the organization can make a difference and prove that high-school students are capable and qualified.

Zohayr actively enjoys his hobbies of aviation and cricket. He also holds a keen interest in finance, economics, and political science.

Now graduated from high school and having moved on from Dubai Minds, Zohayr hopes that under Satvik's leadership, Dubai Minds will continue to do what it does best: empower the city's youth.


Student Representatives